Colin "FAME" Faiella is an artist, producer, beat-maker, and rising star out of Southwest Florida

Born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida this young prodigy has been around music throughout his life.

Fame went from performing in talent shows and dancing with his high school hip-hop team, to performing at

venues around the U.S. with numerous musical legends. The 27 year old artist is the protege of the late Legendary

Miami Bass & Hip-Hop Pioneer "Fresh Kid Ice", Founder of the 2 Live Crew. After meeting Christopher Wong Won 

in 2014, Fame was given the opportunity to tour with him - performing as his opening act. He also worked personally

with him on music, performances, and productions on Chinaman Records. Relaunching his Label in 2016

with his Debut Single "Long Time Coming" Fame brings a sound to the industry that is totally unique and a show that 

is energetic & entertaining. ranging from Hip-Hop , Top 40 to EDM Fame Faiella Music today.

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